Assisted Cloud Remediation

Tamnoon’s Assisted Cloud Remediation is a managed service that combines human expertise and AI with the goal of helping teams quickly and safely remediate cloud risks. With Tamnoon, SecOps and DevOps teams fix more risks in less time, while limiting the negative impact that configuration changes may cause to their environments.

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How It Works

Assisted Triage & Prioritization

Before any remediation action is taken, Tamnoon’s CloudPros identify the importance, function, and sensitivity of the asset that is being alerted on. The asset is assessed for its exploitability or potential threat to the organization in order to prioritize which issues should be acted on first.  Additionally, Tamnoon consolidates similar or duplicate alerts related to a single asset to remove unnecessary noise or distraction from the core issue. 

Assisted Impact Analysis

Tamnoon learns the context of the issue in order to determine any impact a change might have on related assets. This impact analysis identifies the importance, function, and sensitivity of an asset before assigning any action to be taken. Tamnoon also considers other factors including who owns the asset from a technical and business perspective to further understand its criticality. For every prioritized cloud misconfiguration, Tamnoon provides remediation teams a  clear understanding of where this alert fits into the overall threat posture of their infrastructure.


The Tamnoon platform manages the tasks assigned to each team or team member. Managers are able to monitor progress against their issue queue to ensure SLAs and KPIs are being met. For each task, our CloudPros work with your team to plan and execute the necessary remediation steps. Your team receives minimally disruptive, ready-to-use playbooks including executable scripts, enabling developers to effectively apply fixes.


In addition to remediation playbooks, your team also receives safe, effective policies to prevent recurring systemic misconfigurations from being deployed in the future.

Deliver Key Results for Your Organization
with Assisted Cloud Remediation

Wave goodbye to critical alerts

Fix more risks in less time with a cloud expert helping you every step of the way.

Take the guesswork out of making changes

Every remediation comes with a thorough, cloud-specific, impact analysis - your team will be able to minimize the consequence of every change.

Measure and meet KPIs and SLAs

Our framework for cloud security measurement enables you to see exactly where you stand at all times.

Realize the Full ROI of Your CSPM/CNAPP Investment

Continuously tune, monitor and act on the security insights that your tools are alerting on.

Gain visibility into at-risk crown jewels

Prioritize security risks based on the priorities and criticality to your organization.

Finally, bridge the Sec/DevOps gap

Give developers, operations, and security teams exactly what they need to fix collaboratively.

See What Tamnoon Can Do
For Your Cloud Security

As a CISO, I am constantly looking for ways to improve our organizations cybersecurity posture. One area that has become increasingly important is fixing and preventing misconfigurations before these turn into incidents. Security engineer burnout is mainly caused by alert fatigue and manual triage. It's not just the misconfigurations that are the problem, it's chasing them in an incredibly manual way. Tamnoon's expert team and innovative delivery platform provide highly accurate remediation that scales with organiizational needs.

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