Expert Cloud Remediation at Your Fingertips

Assisted Cloud Remediation – We help your Sec/DevOps teams fix cloud risks quickly and effectively–delivered as an easy to consume managed service.

Assisted Cloud Remediation

Tailored to Your Team and Your Environment
to Remediate Your Risks

Our multi-cloud security professionals (CloudPros) work with your team throughout the remediation process. We get to know your cloud environment inside and out and scale our assistance to match your infrastructure to deliver results tailored to your environment.

Turn Alerts
into Expert Actions

Tamnoon’s CloudPros, powered by AI, consolidate, deduplicate and enrich data from your cloud security platforms to identify the riskiest resources and focus remediation efforts on crown jewels and high-impact tasks.

Know the Impact Before You Act

Next, our CloudPro team performs impact simulations on all possible remediation scenarios to determine their outcome, and choose the safest fix path.

Align Your
Entire Team

Our CloudPro team then delivers minimally disruptive, ready-to-use remediation playbooks, enabling developers to confidently apply fixes.

Fix it and
Forget It

Finally, the CloudPro team provides policies and scripts to prevent recurring systemic risks from ever happening again within your environment.

Trusted by security teams all over the world

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Cover - ROI report of Tamnoon Assisted Cloud Remediation

TAG Cyber Identifies 300% ROI for Organizations Leveraging Assisted Cloud Remediation

Too many security solutions burden teams with operational tasks without actually solving the underlying issue. Tamnoon’s Assisted Cloud Remediation reduces the backlog of remediation tasks.

Deliver Key Results for Your Organization
with Assisted Cloud Remediation

Wave goodbye to critical alerts

Fix more risks in less time with a cloud expert helping you every step of the way.

Take the guesswork out of making changes

Every remediation comes with a thorough cloud specific impact analysis - your team will be able to minimize the consequence of every change.

Measure and meet KPIs and SLAs

Our framework for cloud security operations measurement enables you to see exactly where you stand at all times

Realize the Full ROI of Your CSPM/CNAPP Investment

Continuously tune, monitor and act on the security insights that your tools are alerting on.

Gain visibility into at-risk crown jewels

Prioritize security risks based on the demands and criticality to your organization.

Finally, bridge the Sec/DevOps gap

Give developers, operations, and security teams exactly what they need to fix collaboratively

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