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Cloud Security Monitoring

Experts curated high priority alerts monitoring and CNAPP policy fine tuning

Automated Triage

Tailored to your business context and security team’s capacity

Proactive Remediation

Unmatched accuracy driven by AI and human expertise

Preventing Misconfigurations

Preventing risks and systematic misconfigurations while leveraging cloud native controls

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Just adding a human touch to advanced cloud security technology

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Providing effective auto-remediation and prevention solutions that augment our existing cloud security technology, Tamnoon's Managed Protection Services allows us to resolve misconfigurations seamlessly and faster, without impacting our core operations.

Saul Schwartz

Information Security Manager

Zinnia (Insurance Industry)

As a CISO, I am constantly looking for ways to improve our organization's cybersecurity posture. One area that has become increasingly important is fixing and preventing misconfiguration before these turn into incidents. Security engineer burnout is mainly caused by alert fatigue and manual triage. It's not just the misconfigurations that are the problem, it's chasing them in an incredibly manual way. Tamnoon's expert team and innovative service delivery platform provide highly accurate remediation that is scaled with organizational needs

Ryan Davis



Tamnoon is at the forefront of a new wave of managed cloud protection services. We're thrilled to be partnering with Tamnoon, who will enable our customer’s CloudGuard solution implementations and ensure their cloud protection is maximized at all times through this joint offering

Itai Greenberg


Check Point

Tamnoon allows my team to focus on strategic security projects and ensures that we are not missing any cloud security risk that requires attention. Tamnoon's triage and remediation recommendations are accurate and providing us the exact information we need to convince devops teams to execute the fixes in the most efficient way

Michael Abramov


Papaya Gaming

Tamnoon's cloud security expertise helps my team to triage and focus on the most important and actionable tasks, boosting their productivity and improving time to resolution

E. R.

Senior Cloud Architect

Major US Entertainment Corporation