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Monitoring & Optimization
Managed Remediation

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Plan Feature Descriptions

Optimize and Customize Cloud Security Toolset

Customized to your unique environment

Triage and Prioritization

We identify issues based on criticality

Ongoing Monitoring

Proactive monitoring of your environment

Weekly Meetings and Escalations

Our team of CloudPros keeps in constant contact with your team

Assisted Remediation

Our expert cloud security professionals guide your team through the cloud remediation process.

Contextual Task Creation

Our team creates and assigns remediation tasks based on your criteria

Impact Analysis

We perform detailed impact analysis to understand the implications of any change to be made

Automation Flows

We assist with setting up automated SecOps processes

Integrations Assistance

Our team can assist in integrating your SecOps and DevOps tools.

Managed Remediation

Our expert cloud security professionals perform the remediation process.

Owner(s) Attribution

We identify asset and business owners to further enhance analysis

Crown Jewels Analysis

We identify crown jewels and high impact tasks to focus on critical assets

Tamnoon is at the forefront of a new wave of managed cloud protection services. We're thrilled to be partnering with Tamnoon, who will enable our customer's CloudGuard solution implementations and ensure their cloud protection is maximized at all times through this joint offering.

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Itai Greenberg
CISO, Checkpoint