Why I Joined Tamnoon

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I met the founding team of Tamnoon during the acquisition of Dome9 by Check Point Software Technologies, and a couple of years later, became one of its first angel investors. So, when Marina Segal, the CEO and co-founder of Tamnoon, approached me about joining the company, my usual complex decision process was made easy by the fact that I already had a strong familiarity with the technology and the people behind it.

My only internal debate centered around the feasibility of successfully transitioning from an investor and advisor to an executive team member.

Ultimately, I joined Tamnoon because of my belief in how the company delivers against four foundational areas:

  1. Great Team & Company Culture
    People have been the driving factor behind every major decision in my adult life. I join because of people; I leave because of people (usually not the same people); I invest in people and make thoughtful choices about the people I surround myself with.

    Tamnoon was founded by a great group of individuals I highly respect professionally and truly enjoy personally. They built a team of similarly smart, passionate, and down-to-earth humans, which convinced me this would be an experience worth having. It’s not in every job that your colleagues are also people you enjoy having fun with. Our first offsite cemented this for me, a story I’ll save for a future blog post.

  2. Customer Obsessed Services Business
    Tamnoon is in the business of relationships. The technology (read on; it is further down the list) is differentiated for customers by the people behind it and the people working directly with our end users. A solution that is built on the understanding that technology alone is not enough, is one that I easily align and identify with.

    From its inception, Tamnoon committed to delivering a human-centric service designed to bridge and enhance the collaboration of security and development teams. The outcome, built on this trusted relationship, is a stronger cloud security posture. The customers I met and spoke with throughout the last few months are very excited about the commitment of the Tamnoon platform, cloud pros, and management team. This is a culture I am excited to join, to help grow, and to keep thriving.

  3. Product(s) Market Fit
    As mentioned earlier, I was part of the Dome9 acquisition team at Check Point Software Technologies. Running the specialists’ overlay teams globally, I witnessed firsthand how customers of CSPM platforms were quickly inundated by the sheer number of alerts and the growing complexity of remediation. This was in 2018. Five years later, alert fatigue is a known and common phenomenon globally in enterprises of all sizes. That same challenge continues to manifest with CNAAP tools that are starting to replace the first-generation CSPM solutions but generate as many, if not more, alerts and calls to action.

    This is where Tamnoon’s assisted remediation service platform comes into play. The Tamnoon platform – with a unique set of ML engines, AI modules, and human cloud security expertise – was built to ingest CSPM/CNAAP alerts (multi-tool environments are supported!). In turn, alerts are correlated and mapped to root causes, and issues are inspected in the context of the customer’s environment. Remediation paths are analyzed to ensure minimal impact and to eliminate production disturbances – and with human verification, a playbook is generated.

    The solution fills a clear need in the cybersecurity landscape. It’s been a while since I worked somewhere where one can explain, in layman’s terms, the problem, solution, and value in 15 seconds.

  4. The Babkas

    If you’ve reached this far in my post, you’ll have discovered that someone on the team moonlights as a baker of delicious babkas, which is reason enough to work at Tamnoon. I would love to connect in (virtual) person on any or all of this – and maybe I can even hook you up with a babka. 😊

For those I’ve worked with before, and those I hope to work with in the future, please reach out to me here.